5 Simple Steps To Tame Dry & Frizzy Hair

5 Simple Steps To Tame Dry & Frizzy Hair

5 Simple Steps To Tame Dry & Frizzy Hair

It’s 2022. Are you still neglecting your hair? Literally, social media is filled with contents talking about how you should take care of your hair! It’s okay, girl. Let’s run you through the do’s and don’ts!

What actually is frizzy hair? 

Frizzy hair is puffy hair. Not so attractive looking hair that, for some reason, stays crazy after 2 hours of styling. And humidity could do serious mayhem, we talking WW2 level chaos.

What causes frizz in the first place? 

Genetics. Yes, you heard that right! Simply because of your curly hair inheritance that causes the “unruly” hair structure! There are two ways to go about it - keratin treatment or embrace your curls! We mean drying, combing & styling techniques. Second factor, damage. When our hair is dehydrated, it means out cuticles are open and moisture is constantly escaping. Keeping our hair brittle, coarse & fragile! Heat styling tools, bleaching and harsh shampoos are common culprits that SHOULD make our hair look glamorous but, in return, brings ultimate horror to our precious tresses. However, it’s not the end of the road although we do have A LOT to pick up on! 

Find out how you could achieve luscious locks:

Soft towel

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1. Squeeze dry your hair with a soft towel

Minimise the friction girl! It’s bad for your hair. If you’re in a hurry, always schedule your hair wash a night before. Also, the best kind towel made from microfibre material. Those soft, fluffy and fast-absorbing kind? Works like heaven to tame the mane! 


Silk hair cover

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2. Wrap your hair in silk cover before bedtime

Protect your tresses at all cost! Yes, times have changed. It was pillow cases, but now hair covers are the new thing! As we sleep, it’s not always gracious. Silk covers prevent friction that causes open cuticles which eventually leads to hair breakage! Plus point, it also helps to maintain those perfectly heatless curls throughout the night. Definitely a yes from us!


Keratin hair spray

3. Apply hair treatment on damp hair

You probably never thought of this, BUT applying treatment oils or sprays have their ideal timing too! Too much water inhibits the essence to fully penetrate the cuticles. Too little? Then essence can’t be effectively transport the into your hair cuticles. The key is damp hair! Want a recommendation? We’ve been hearing great things about NEEDS Keratin Hair Spray. Check it out!


Travel kit

4. Opt for frizz-free formulas

As obvious as this is, not everyone with frizzy hair uses a frizz-free formula. Yes, your course of correction starts from first step of your hair care routine. SHAMPOO! Always choose shampoo & treatment that highlights the word “frizz-free”, “keratin” and “hydrating”. The hunt ends before it begins. Meet NEEDS Hair Care Travel Set! You’d be wondering why you never met this duo sooner. Besides smoothing out frizzy hair, this shampoo & treatment set treats itchy scalp, reduces hair fall, eliminates dandruff and stimulates hair growth at the same time!



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5. Comb your hair in the shower

Curly & frizzy hair gets tangled easily yet doesn’t look great after combing it out! Best way to go about it? Do it while you’re applying a hair treatment. This method helps to prevent breakage, promote even product application and improve hair manageability! After shower, scrounge your hair (if you’ve curls) or leave it to air dry!

Small changes of habits lead to huge improvements. Try out these techniques that could give your precious hair a luscious, silky and glossy finish that could be seen in commercials. However, good things take time! Be patient with your transformation and keep doing what’s benefiting your tresses in the long run.

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