Tired Eyes Treatment Duo

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Tired Eyes Treatment Duo 


(1) Rose Quartz OR Jade Crystal Roller & Guasha

(1) The Ordinary Caffeine 5% + ECGC Solution 30ml

Tired Eyes Treatment Duo are paired together to deliver the best results in effectively reducing undereye puffiness and dark circles, which makes the eye area seem dull and tired.

Dark circles and puffy eye bags have always been a concern that most people face at some point in their lives. For some people, it's genetic and it really does affect how 'awake' you look.

Tired eyes treatment duo is an effective way to overcome dark circles and puffy eyebags that may sometimes make you look like a panda (oh no!)

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG 30ml

Eye serum to effectively reduce dark circles and puffy eye bags. It's time to revitalize your tired eyes with The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution.

What Does It Do?

+ Brightens up dull eyes

+ Reduces dark circles 

+ De-puff puffy eye bags

Panda eyes treatment 🐼— you don’t have to look tired anymore 💡Use this in AM & PM to ‘awaken’ your eyes!

Crystal Roller

Featuring this star product that will enable your eye serum to absorb faster and better.

Use the small roller tip to massage your the area below your eyes, it will help to improve lymphatic drainage. As a result, puffy eye bags will be reduced due to the massaging techniques that gets rid of excessive fluid/water retention. 

If you wish to purchase separately, click here for Caffeine Solution 5% + ECGC 

Complete Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha

Complete Jade Roller & Gua Sha