Babyface Rose Quartz Heart Guasha

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Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha

Known as the romantic ‘love stone’, rose quartz signifies channels love and positivity, and has been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians to fight signs of aging. This crystal has the ability to retain temperature effectively, so it stays cold as you’re using it – this cooling benefit will soothe inflammation and redness.

Gua Sha For Skin Health

Crystal Facial Rolling is your en route to youthful and glowy skin. Crystal tools are designed to use with various skincare (or alone) to enhance your natural beauty by lymphatic drainage. Gua Sha is made of rose quartz stones to further enhance, purify and heal your energy

Gua Sha has been a beauty practice since ancient times. Ancient Chinese medicine utilized the gua sha tool thousands of years ago to increase blood circulation and heal the body. 

When you give yourself a Gua Sha massage, you’re essentially scraping all of that water and lymph under your skin to the edges of your face and pulling it down your neck to drain. It moves all the blood around under your skin, so after a gua sha session, your face is plump with fresh, new blood to the surface.

When you perform this technique consistently, it's supposed to deliver depuffing, glow-boosting benefits. Also, it just feels really nice and aids in releasing muscle tension. 

  • Promote V-shape face and give definition to the jawline
  • Improves circulation and skin tone
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins
  • Enhances the application of creams, serums and oils
  • Release muscle tension (can help as a de-stressing massage)


+ Plumps skin, improve elasticity

+ Improve dull complexion for a youthful glow

+ Minimise fine lines and wrinkles

+ Enhance skincare absorption

+ Get did of water retention 


+ Reduce dark circles

+ Reduce puffy eyebags

+ Revitalises your eyes

How To Use?


Spend 3-5 minutes or as desired daily to massage undereye, face and neck. Use with skincare to improve skincare absorption. Place crystal roller in the fridge for extra cooling and relaxing effect.

More Information

Crystal Material : 100% Pure Rose Quartz

Origin : Brazil Import

Processing : Cutting, polishing and mantling in China

In Box : Satin lining, protective foam and box

Size: L 8cm, W 7.5cm

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