Is Probiotic Skincare Worth The Hype?

Is Probiotic Skincare Worth The Hype?

Is Probiotic Skincare Worth The Hype?

Question. Are probiotics really the next big thing in the beauty industry? And why? Is it just a fad? Or is it staying around for a long time? The answer is, it has existed for decades. It’s nothing new. What’s fresh is its integration into skincare. 

Many many brands worldwide have started to recognize the wonders probiotics do for our skin. A million armies of good bacteria fighting off the harmful ones to ensure a thriving environment and balance out the microbiome on our face. 

Probiotics in Skincare Are Helpful For Recurrent Acne

Think about it. Many acne products are great! They soothe inflamed pustules and ya-da ya-da ya-da. Why do these nasties revisit from time to time? Can’t it be permanent? WELL. That’s because we don’t target the root cause. 

For BHA & AHA, it suppresses growth of the baddies by regulating sebum production. Lesser oils = lesser frequency of brewing acne. However, it doesn’t solve the ACTUAL problem - the recurrence multiplication of harmful bacteria. 

Fact is, our skin has an extensive clan of bacteria. EWWW! Right. However, we need to face it head on. It’s just how we as humans, microorganisms work? We’re made this way. This might just be the answer to all acne girlies’ prayers? PROBIOTICS. 

Skin Science Behind Probiotics & Acne

Acne Skin

Image source: Dreams Time

Let’s begin by telling you what happens when our skin is thrown off balance with an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast. Acne, rosacea and psoriasis - just to name a few. Worst case scenario, infections. Affecting especially those with underlying skin conditions such as eczema and further weakening the already damaged skin barrier. End result is a cracked and exposed wound. Ouch! 

We’ve talked multitudes on the importance of a healthy skin barrier - preserving skin’s moisture while keeping cells plumped and fed. Adding probiotics as part of the skincare routine helps promote good bacteria to ward off baddies and repair concerning issues, allowing the skin’s immune system to reboot itself. 

Miracle Ingredient To Reverse Signs Of Aging

Ageing Skin

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If you’re on a constant hunt of searching for “forever young” magic potions, add this to the mixing pot and stir away! A powerful alliance with the almighty and popular skincare ingredients, such as: ceramides, hyaluronic acids and peptides! 

Probiotics work by restoring acidic skin pH levels, which in return, relieves oxidative stress. Leading to improved skin barrier function, then finally, eliminate the effects of photoaging by shielding healthy cells from UVB-induced sun damage. 

VERDICT: Probiotics is the hero ingredient that addresses most skin concerns. For whatever reason your skin starts going haywire, try probiotics - no matter how far-fetched it may sound. It’s most likely an imbalance of microbiome that is causing this acne chaos. *wink*

Probiotic Skincare Products We Recommend 

1. AXIS-Y Biome Comforting Infused Toner

AXIS-Y Biome Comforting Infused Toner

2. AXIS-Y Biome Radiating Intensified Essence

AXIS-Y Biome Radiating Intensified Essence

3. AXIS-Y Biome Recharging Night Renewal Set

AXIS-Y Biome Recharging Night Renewal Set

4. Beauty of Joseon Sun Relief : Rice + Probiotics

Beauty of Joseon Sun Relief : Rice + Probiotics

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