Intimate & personal: Jolene's Acne Healing Journey

Intimate & personal: Jolene's Acne Healing Journey

I suffered from acne skin for years and I hated it. Every skin story is different, here’s how I treated mine — and you can too!

Hi, I’m Jolene. For those who already knew, welcome back! As for our new joiners who have yet to hear about me on our socials before, this is my acne journey! 
It’s been a gruesome walk I’d admit. There are times where I feel positive about skin and find it completely normal to have these raging zits. The other moments? Didn’t feel so good.
1. What exactly is my skin type?
So! A little introduction of my skin - oily and combination. Mostly shiny on my T-Zone, seriously sparkly on the nose and normal on my cheeks. My acne’s temperament is C.R.A.Z.Y you guys. You know, those zits that grow super gigantic and takes awhile to subside? Yes, those kind!
2. Acne was my uphill battle.
This entire saga continued until I was in university. It was on and off. Then one day, it felt normal. I thought to myself to just let it heal and don’t bother with it. 
My skin went haywire and, boy, it got worsened BY. THE. DAY. Could you imagine?! At that point, everyone, and I mean each human I come in contact with, had something to say about my acne. I was so conscious and wish people would just stop noticing me. 
3. Here’s how acne affected my view.

 Here is my skin at its worst. I get really inflamed acnes and I had to cover them up with concealers - which isn't a very good idea. :(

I had to combat my terribly bad mood, not just due to what other’s commented on skin, but the amount of pain I had to go through! Thankfully my confidence didn’t come entirely from my skin, so it didn’t quite affect me self-esteem. 
One thing for sure, those relentless pustules definitely did impact the way people look at me, and towards my hygiene.
The acne scaring as it looked like it was permanently imprinted on my face. Concealer was my best friend. Yet, it still didn’t make me feel good. I knew the second I take off my makeup, there they are AGAIN. It really just was a temporary bandaid to my issue. 
4.Best product treatment for acne?
Deep diving into the root cause, it's purely genetics and probably stress. I started to lookout for products that could help treat my acne. 
Annnd here it is! That one magical tube of serum that lit a glimpse of hope for me. I watched my inflamed acne subside in 2 weeks and I've never been happier.
Fast forward to November 2020, I stumble upon Puff Studio's Instagram and read that AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum works for acne skin so I took the leap of faith and tried the 14-days challenge. In my acne journey, I would say this is one of the best products for acne. Why? It works like an all-in-one serum that reduces breakouts while it also lightens the scars commonly left behind by acne. 
You can view how it went for my journey in the post below! On the side note, I’m now a content creator for my all-time trusted brand! :P  
5. Medication, and a consistent skincare routine WORKED!  
THAT WAS THE TURNING POINT GUYS. I saw gradual and promising improvement on my skin! The very first brand I tried is AXIS-Y. From April up to June 2021, I finally consulted the dermatologist. Motivated to clear my acne once and for all! 
I was on medication for 3 months. At the time, I continued using AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum religiously to improve the appearance of my acne. For the first month, my skin was dry. Sahara dessert level. The pills really did make me purge, A LOT. 
However, things got much better for me from the second month onwards! Just some occasional breakouts here and there. Say 1-2 pimples a month? What a drastic improvement! 
June was when I stopped my medication. I was laser-focused on healing my scars and dark spots with gentle products. The products that really saved my life are AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Toner and Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum. 
A powerful combo of Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide and Squalane Oil helped balance out my skin’s sebum production and kept an optimum hydration level! I couldn’t believe my eyes.
6. My skin understood the assignment — clear and healthy skin requires patience.
 This is me now in 2022, with lesser tendencies of breaking out. If you're an acne fighter like me, don't give up! identifying the right products and routine are key to improvements for your skin condition. 
4 months post-medication and a proper skincare routine, I have reached my dream skin. Clear, healthy and bright skin that is! Of course, not going to deny, I still have pimples. Although rarely. But they come and go within a short few days.
I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with my bare skin and go make-free on most days! If I couldn’t summarize my thought on this entire journey, is that I learnt to appreciate the process and love myself. 
Signing off besties! Hope my story inspired you. Nothing is impossible so do what you have to because YOU deserve the best skin possible! 

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